WEEK THREE – Homework


We will be using a topic of your own selection to complete the following exercises. You are not bound forever to a topic you select today in order to complete this exercise. However, it might be a good idea if you start giving it some thought. Next week we will have a sign-in sheet where you will list your topics.



The following can be completed in class, or as homework, if you run out of time:


1. Locate the following Web sites and add them to a new folder you will label “Searching Tools”.


            a) http://www.google.com

            b) http://www.dmoz.org

            c) http://www.findlaw.com




a) Find at least two Internet sites related to your Research Project and place them in the new folder. HINT: Checking                               google.com, dmoz.com, and findlaw.com may help, but feel free to use any site you wish.


            b) Send me an e-mail (birdesq@ix.netcom.com) explaining which Web sites you used, why you thought they would

be a good place to start, and what you found when you got there.




3. Start researching your project. Remember to keep track (in your notebook, with bookmarks, etc.) of where you have been, what looks interesting, what you may want to go back to later.