WEEK TWO – Homework


Every student must have an email account (regardless of whether or not you have your own personal computer). We use e-mail to communicate from student to student, and to mail your homework assignments.



E-mail review:


1. Connect to www.hotmail.com.


2. Type your User Name and Password to sign-in to your email account.


3. Click “Check E-Mail”.


4. Click “Inbox” to read the mail in your mailbox.


5. You will see a list of messages in your Inbox. To read individual messages, click on the underlined subject of each message.


6. Important: When you are ready to leave your e-mail inbox, click “Sign-Out” or “Log Off” and wait for the next screen to appear. Click “Sign out completely”.




Home or In-class assignment


Part One: (You can repeat this part of the assignment as many times as you wish):


1. Write down the e-mail address of one of your classmates.


2. Click “Compose” (on the left-hand side of your screen)


3. Press TAB to move into the subject line and type “Hello from your classmate (your name)”.


4. Press TAB to move into the cc line and type: birdesq@ix.netcom.com . (This will send a copy of your message to me, the instructor.)


5. Press TAB to move to the large composition box, where you can type a brief message to your colleague.


            EXAMPLE: Hi! I’m in your class sitting (right next to you...in the front of the room...across the aisle, etc.). This is my email message to you. I hope you like it!  Bye!!! (your name)


6. When you are satisfied with your message, press SEND.


Part Two:


Describe SPAM, and explain how you can prevent it. 


E-mail your response to birdesq@ix.netcom.com. Type “Internet Research Methods” Assignment Two in the Subject field. And, don’t forget to type your name at the bottom.


Part Three:


1. Create at least 5 bookmark folders in Backflip.


2. Locate some of the World Wide sites listed on the “INTERESTING SITES” handout, and add them to the appropriate folder.


3. Create a bookmark folder tentatively labeled “My Project” and a folder labeled “Classmate Emails”.