You have a choice in determining your final project. Our goal is for you to research a topic of interest to you using the types of resources we are examining in class. You are the “class expert” in your research topic. EACH OF YOU must compile an annotated “bibliography” of the online sources you have found.  Then, you may choose to do one of the following:


1. Keep a journal which shows your research process. Write an introductory sentence about how and why you chose your topic, and then show the trail that let to your bibliography. Your journal can include why you choose particular sites, whether the sites were as you expected, and why or why they were not as expected. Use all the notes you have written as well as the sites you have bookmarked. (Please refer to the MLA Handbook for writing guidelines. See: Harbor College Library’s Home Page at


2. You may give an oral presentation to the class in which you discuss your research and the process you used to locate material on the Internet. Keep in mind, that although you have completed a research project, the emphasis for the discussion will be on the techniques in electronic research you have used.


This is not to say that the topic is not important. Use the topic of your research to explain why you would use one WWW site in preference to another (example: pursuing information on CNN will most likely not uncover any information regarding placing a .com Home Page on the Web; or how touring the Disneyland site may give a link to a computer graphics site).





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