Your speech will only last about fifteen minutes. If you divide the time into segments the fifteen minutes will be manageable. The following outline is not carved in stone, it is intended only as a template for you to use in order to develop your own outline. Basically, divide your time into three five-minute sections. Or, if it is easier, divide your time into five three-minute sections.


            First – Introduction (What you are going to say)


                        a. Who you are.

                        b. Why you took this class.

                        c. How very-very much you enjoyed and learned in the class.

                        d. What subject you have chosen.

                        e. Why this particular subject is of interest to you.

                        f. General background information about the subject.

                        g. What you will be telling us about your search for information.

            h. How you evaluated WWW sites. Why some were better than



Second – The “Meat” of the presentation (Say it)


a. Talk about your topic and the specific concepts or details

            that interest you.

b. Why did you want to know more about...?

c. What was it about your topic that interested you?

d. How you feel differently (the same) as you did before you

            researched the topic.

e. How difficult/easy was it to evaluate site information?

f.  What clues did you use to evaluate?

                        g. Did you find clicking on “links” a helpful way to move

                                    through the WWW?

                        h. Did you find your attention drifting to new issues surrounding

your topic as you researched?

                        i. What was it about those different aspects pulled you off track?


            Third – Conclusion (What you have just said)


a. Briefly state: what you knew before researching – how it


                        b. What you feel the future holds for your subject-matter.

                        c. What changes can be made to make the information you sought

more accessible (less confusing, etc.) to others?

                        d. Which search engines did you use? Why?

                        e. How difficult/easy was it to keep from drifting?

                        f. Did you find other sites you want to return to later?

            g. Are there certain areas that you feel now you should have


                        h. Did you use bookmarks, and/or notes to tell you where you

                                    had been?        

                        i. Why do you feel you would like to continue (stop) further research

in this area (on the Internet)?




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