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Searching The Internet


We will take whatever steps are necessary to locate your information


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We Will Teach You How To Use Your Computer

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Let us computerize you!


Do you wander around the law library wishing that one of the librarians would confirm that what you have just found is on-point

Have you ever silently prayed that you have found ALL the law

Or, that you might have a magic powder you could sprinkle that would make a librarian appear - help you find what you are looking for - and then disappear

If you have answered "yes" to any (or all) of the above


Then searching the law Virtually is important to you


Virtual Legal Research has that magic powder

We work electronically - and we are accessible 24/7

We are there when you need us - and, disappear when you don't

The following pages will introduce our legal researching services

And highlight some of the important benefits we offer

We specialize in training people who feel uncomfortable around computers how to quickly get up to speed with word processing, and how to surf the Internet like a pro


If you do not have an assistant, it is time to learn how to do your own searching. We charge an hourly rate, you do not pay us for talking to Mom on the telephone. We are your invisible legal support, ready to show you how to find the information you need on the Internet, or in the law books in the Library

Electronic Legal Researching is the wave of the future. Did you have Westlaw and/or Lexis in law school? And, when you graduated, did you get hit with the costs? I know the answer is "Yes". We'll show you how to find the law and use the Internet 


Your Invisible Right Hand 

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